Do you own an iPhone, an iPad, or a mobile phone? Most people do. Yet, so many homes do not have USB powerpoints installed. A USB powerpoint allows you to charge your phone or device directly without all the chargers and extra chords. We recommend most homes have at least one USB power point in their home for charging devices but ideally have multiple as you probably have multiple devices in your home.

The best place to install USB powerpoints is basically anywhere you want to conveniently charge your devices. This could be in the kitchen, in your bedroom next to your bed, in a home office, the lounge room, really anywhere that’s most convenient for you and your family. You can charge an Apple, Samsung or any other brand device with a USB power point and get rid all the different clunky chargers floating around your home.

There are a variety of USB powerpoints available, depending on your needs. Some examples include:

–     Double power point with a double USB point.
–     Single power point with a double USB point.
–     Single power point with 2 double USB points.
–     Multiple (up to 6) double USB points on one plate.

Don’t hesitate to make this modern update to your home. USB powerpoints are the way of the future. Give our friendly team of electricians in HornsbyThe Hills District and surrounds a call today to have them installed in your home. Call us on 9477 2550.