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How do you know if your home needs rewiring?

With electrical wiring hidden away in the roof, walls, or under the floor where you can’t easily see it, it can be hard to know the state of your home’s electrical wiring; whether it has been recently updated and is safe or if it’s not up to Australian standards, posing a hazard to your family. Poor wiring can also cause damage to expensive electrical appliances over time. 

Homes with cotton or rubber insulated wiring should be rewired. Cotton and rubber insulated cabling ceased being used in homes and commercial properties in the 1970’s as the insulation a much shorter life span than the plastic insulated cabling we use today.  As wiring deteriorates, it begins to pose a fire risk and the risk of electrocution.  

We recommend you have your wiring assessed by one of our qualified electricians, particularly if you answer yes to any of the following;  

  • Your home is fitted with single insulated wiring & steel conduits  
  • The safety switch trips frequently  
  • Your house was built in the 1970’s or earlier  
  • There is only one circuit for all your power outlets