Tip: You can print this image on put it on your fridge; this might help you remember the schedule for peak/off-peak hours better!


Almost all appliances now have automation features and are programmable. Refer to the infographic above and remember to shift the bulk of your energy use on off-peak and even shoulder hours. Here are some tips:

  • Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers have scheduling functions so that you can set the time for them to run ahead of time. It is best to run them outside of 2pm to 8pm – the peak demand period for the electricity network.
  • Buy energy efficient versions of your old power boards, light bulbs or chargers.
  • When buying appliances, look for the five-star ones; they indicate that the product is guaranteed energy-sufficient.
  • The frost build-up shouldn’t exceed a thickness of 6mm. Defrost your freezer regularly to help maintain efficiency. Also, make sure the seals on your fridge are in good working order to stop cold air getting out.
  • Cook on the BBQ or use the microwave instead of an electric stove, especially on those hot summer peak days.