Hints and Tips

We strive to ensure all our customers are operating as safely and efficiently as possible. It’s why we provide a FREE safety check with each job we do. Here are some hints and tips to help you ensure your home is operating to it’s best capacity.


Energy Efficiency Handbook

This useful handbook is loaded with handy hints to help you lower your energy usage.

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Switch to LED lighting for energy efficiency

LED lighting provides huge savings on your energy bill. We can come to your home and advise on the how to replace your current lighting with high quality LED lights, to not only provide stunning, modern lighting in your home, but to save you loads on your energy bills.

Is your safety switch tripping?

We have designed this is easy to use Fault Finding guide to help you try to figure out what might be causing the problem. More often than not it’s a faulty appliance that is causing the problem so rather than calling out an electrician straight away, follow these steps to see if you can find the culprit yourself.

fault finding sticker


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