Did you know that smoke alarms have a life of just ten years? Many people are unaware if their smoke alarm is even working to its best capacity. In fact, up to 60% of households in Australia have an expired smoke alarm in place. This is a scary statistic for something so crucial to the safety of Australian families, considering there is a house fire in Australia every 26 minutes. Also many of the smoke alarms in homes are poor quality and use old ionisation technology that is greatly inferior to the newer models. We recommend the best smoke alarm you can afford. Our hardwired photo electric smoke alarms never need a battery change as they contain a rechargeable battery. Photo electric smoke detectors see the fire rather than smell the smoke, making them much quicker at raising the alarm in the event of a fire. They detect the most common type of fire, smouldering fires, which ionisation smoke alarms neglect to do. With increasing open plan design homes, photo electric alarms are the smoke alarm of choice, as they are less prone to false alarms from such things as cooking and burning toast. NSW legislation requires that all homes be fitted out with these types of smoke alarms. In fact, many countries around the world and some Australian states have already banned the use of ionisation smoke detectors. NSW legislation will soon follow suit. Hornsby Electric are committed to the upmost safety for your family. We can inspect and test your smoke alarm and upgrade it if necessary.

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