A power point overload can happen when the maximum amperage of the electrical circuit you are using is exceeded. It can occur when too many appliances are plugged into the one power point or running appliances that draw high amps all at the same time. It’s important not to overload, as it can result in power outages and can even be the cause of a fire.

f your home is older style you may have noticed only one or two power points per room, so you probably have to use double adapters or power boards to use multiple appliances. Usually this is OK. Issues can occur if you ‘piggy-back’ one double adapter on top of another, or plug double adapters into power boards and even power boards into power boards. This is more than likely to dangerously overload the circuit’s amperage. Also some appliances use a lot more amps than others, like fan heater, so if you run more than one of these at a time you can short circuit.

The best solution is to have an electrician install extra power points. In the meantime, only use one or two appliances at a time.